1. McNamara began her career as a teenage fashion model. She came to public attention in the controversial film The Moon Is Blue () directed by Otto Preminger, reprising the role she played in the Chicago production of the play. She earned an Academy .
  2. Oct 21,  · The charm of the film's William Holden/David Niven/Maggie McNamara triangle notwithstanding, Hollywood's Production Code refused to approve The Moon Is Blue because of an "unacceptably light attitude toward seduction." Among the /5(66).
  3. Sep 29,  · The Moon Is Blue’s release became a showdown between producer-director Otto Preminger and Joseph Breen, head of the Hollywood Production Code and Hollywood’s censor. Preminger was fighting for the freedom to make his films his way and Breen to retain control of the content of Ameri­can motion pictures.
  4. Jan 31,  · In recent times, a Blue Moon has referred to the second full moon of a calendar month. For most of the world, this lunar eclipse is occurring during a Blue Moon, except for Australia’s eastern states of New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory.
  5. Special Moon Events in Super Full Moon: Mar 9; Micro New Moon: Mar 24; Super Full Moon: Apr 7; Penumbral Lunar Eclipse visible in New York on Jul 4 – Jul 5; Black Moon: Aug 18 (third New Moon in a season with four New Moons) Micro Full Moon: Oct 1; Super New Moon: Oct 16; Blue Moon: Oct 31 (second Full Moon in single calendar month.
  6. The Moon Is Blue Synopsis: Successful architect Don Gresham (William Holden) engages a young actress, Patty O'Neill (Maggie McNamara), in conversation on top of the Empire State Building, and she accepts his invitation to dinner/
  7. While The New York Times' Bosley Crowther dismissed the accusations of prurience, he blithely observed, "The Moon Is Blue is not outstanding, either as a romance or as a film at times, it gets 38%.
  8. The Moon is Blue. book. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. A very charming and innocently frank young girl, Patty O'Neill, meets a /5(10).

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